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Virtual Class:

The Origins of Anti-Black Racism in the U.S.

  • How/Why did anti-Black racism develop in the U.S.?
  • How/Why did the concept of Black & White “races” develop?
  • Did it always have to be this way?

Understanding how anti-Black racism first developed in our nation gives us great insight into racism and race relations today. In addition to answering the above questions, we will also apply the lessons learned to present-day issues. Taught in this way, knowledge truly is empowering.

Separate Sessions For:

  1. Educators of Middle and High school students
  2. [Non-Educators] Adults
  3. Middle School Youth and Parents
  4. High School Youth and Parents

I offer dedicated sessions for groups such as extended families, books clubs, fraternity and sorority chapters, parent and youth organizations, and faith groups. Free trial session available to one representative of interested groups.


  • The best 90 min I have spent virtually this year. 
  • I especially enjoyed learning with my teenage daughter and the discussions we have been able to have from all of the material we learned.
  • Ms. Magwood does a masterful job of not only using her extensive background in an effective way, but also connecting seemingly unrelated aspects of history in a way to paint the picture of the hidden causes behind systems of oppression.
  • I think the material in this class should be taught to every American. I would highly
  • Recommend this class to anyone who truly wants to understand racism in America.
  • My son was able to be an active participant in this important dialogue with kids of other races, read primary sources that are not readily available but added to his fund of knowledge, and is better equipped to identify economic, social, and political Influences that support and perpetuate oppression to understand his role in dismantling it. In his words, “It is a really, really good class.” We are looking forward to the rest.
  • She unlocks so many layers of history and finds unique ways to apply it to modern times.
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